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New Ram Blue Screen Error


I took out the little battery and replace it. (csmos i think) and replace it. If anything is unclear, which I am expecting it will be, just ask about it, I can supply more info! is it a RAM problem? amazon has agreed to return the old ram and then i am going to buy another 2x4 set and maybe because theyre both made closer to eachother they will work together? http://smashyourweb.com/blue-screen/hp-laptop-blue-screen-error.html

says the mobo can take the following:2 x DIMM, Max. 8 GB, DDR2 1200(O.C.)/1066*/800/667 ECC,Non-ECC,Un-buffered MemoryDual Channel memory architecture*DDR2 1200(O.C.)/1066 is supported by AM3/AM2+ CPU only. Wouldn't just one or the other fail when you have a matched pair like this and try them individually in each slot? pls help me Authorentreri282 years ago from Joplin, MOCarla, does your computer recognize the 4GB of RAM? A CPU cache is a small amount of often-needed memory that is stored on a CPU chip.

New Ram Blue Screen Error

please help solved Blue Screen while adding ram Blue screen after buying new RAM. Authorentreri283 years ago from Joplin, MOJessica,It seems you have tried many different ways to fix the problem. Last edited by peanutz94; 07-08-2013 at 05:54 PM. Its a 2012 and it won't start in cold weather.

  1. After that happen i have been able to start my computer a couple times ,but some other times i try the power buttom just keep flashing amber and beeping noise ..please
  2. I have had power jack repairs twice, once last summer and once 3 weeks ago.I can find no satisfactory answer to my plight on the internet, and was hoping you might
  3. I thought it was the usual static/black screen error so I proceeded to do this:1)unplug laptop and remove battery2)press on the power button for 15 secs3) let the computer cool for
  4. When replacing a module, make sure the indention on the bottom is lined up correctly with the slot and then press it in until you hear the levers snap.
  5. if yes then what kind of fan should i buy ?
  6. my question here is would a new fan replacement will solve the issue?
  7. Why do these Dothraki look calmer than expected?
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  9. finally it also failed.
  10. in this site i am introduce all the new technology computer and laptop.

It has gotten better but it still keeps hanging every now and then and sometimes gives me BSOD. which is faster, 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz or 1x8GB DDR3 1600MHz Hardware & Devices BSOD at Login after putting in passwordHi Windows Vista 64 bit home premieum goes into a fault loop The CPU-Z tool will also show you how the motherboard has configured the RAM. Memtest86+ Safe mode didn't get past this point either.Suspecting the dubious corporate Windows, I swapped the drive for a brand new SSD and proceeded with installing my own retail copy of Windows

Keep in mind that not every issue is easy to troubleshoot and in some cases we may not have an answer. i game on it so u can understand my prob. Ask us here at /r/techsupport, and try to help others with their problems as well! Also your link to your "My memory I'm trying to install:" is not valid.

Again several turnoff occurred. Newegg I suspected the hard drive had crashed, which he confirmed. If you have submitted the RMA on line and have not got a reply! thenafter I inserted the new RAM again and it showed the same symptoms.

Ram Blue Screen Fix

It is possible that the max ram your board can support is 16gb as well. solved Blue screen after ram upgrade solved blue screen after RAM upgrade solved Blue Screen Error after installing 2x4 GB Ram! New Ram Blue Screen Error All seemed well and then the next day it started freezing again. Blue Screen After Installing New Ram Programs running in the background still take up RAM.

Just want to be sure there isn't something I'm missing as far as how much RAM the machine can handle.So... weblink It is possible that the max ram your board can support is 16gb as well. My first hdd. PC has MSI . Blue Screen After Ram Upgrade

No gap between them. If I restart it goes away. I got a 700W power supply, I THINK it is enough. navigate here Now, I can fix Upgrade RAM memory.

Now, can't I use that RAM nomore? Live Chat The live chat is transitioning to freenode and can be accessed here! more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

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koudevoetJan 27, 2015, 6:40 PM LilTwist said: if it supports 32Gb of ram then it should be able to do 24Gb of ram both sets at 1600 is it possible your I think it's the fuel filter. Authorentreri283 years ago from Joplin, MOJenu,I would recommend that you first clean your system for dust if you can. What are the timings and voltages for each kit?

Ask ! In a Dual Channel configuration with the ram in A2 and B2 slots, (a gap between, correctly seated from the manual) I got over 1,200,000 errors in one pass. Peace. his comment is here I have to use restart button to work on it again.

Using large orbital launchers as sounding rockets. Submission Guidelines Please include your system specs, such as Windows/Linux/Mac version/build, model numbers, troubleshooting steps, symptoms, etc. May be as you said above, it can be a problem of RAM but please ensure me about this. What I don't understand, even with generic, is how both new sticks of memory (not used or refurbished) could fail.

I don't know the issue, I already got a new replacement from Patriot, so it shouldn't be faulty. Rules Be polite to those trying to help you. CPU is not over heating nor is the motherboard cause I check my temps on that often. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-Inch Tablet (Wi-Fi)(16 GB, Smoky Titanium)Buy Now About MeI became interested in computers at a young age and took formal computer repair classes.

my question will be very specific. As always, use your own discretion with all advice here. Authorentreri283 years ago from Joplin, MOThroughout the day you will probably use various programs and some leave part of the program running in the background after you close it. LilTwistJan 27, 2015, 7:00 PM No problem man get back on here in a few hours and let us know if this fixed your problem sincreatorJan 27, 2015, 7:12 PM koudevoet

Yes i don't understand why its happening either. it actually did the same fucking thing for cpu, goddamn i love this bios. Related Subreddits /r/buildapc /r/buildapcsales /r/buildapcforme /r/hardware Submission Guidelines Please post your entire PC build in your post with your question, this will help others troubleshoot your problem much faster. I did and got two more bluescreens.

Recently BSOD's have started. you can see and learn about computer hardware and software Senior IS Specialist6 weeks ago I've never seen more misleading publication, written by somebody who has never completed even starting base An now i am in fear that this would also may get corrupted soon. Please be as specific as possible.