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How To Backup To A Second Hard Drive


But think about this...........your hard drive squalls, balls and smokes and you're forced to remove it and replace it with a new drive. Windows 8 manages backups through this utility. I've even migrated the entire Time Machine backup between drives to make sure it's on a fresh drive. I always say you should only backup the data that you can't afford to lose. @whs, this is the "Geek Stuff" forum, so I can wax poetic here. check over here

If your PC gets destroyed in a fire or both RAID drives get fried by a lightning strike, you will have no backup to use when you replace the PC. By default, File History creates a backup every hour, but you can adjust this in "Advanced Settings." Manual Backup Using Explorer Connect your external hard drive to your computer and wait The MacBook Pro, which I use when I travel, gets backed up to Backblaze and whatever photos I shoot also get backed up to an external Passport HD. Consequently, the file will be considered "missing" from the old location, and any versions that were previously backed up from this file at the original location will also be removed from

How To Backup To A Second Hard Drive

Skip to main content. For anyone who has a lot of software,settings,updates,freebies which wont work as reinstalls-a reinstall can take a lot if time and be almost traumatic and its ridiculous to say the system Yes, you can.

Since catastrophic failures in computers DO happen, the only really safe data backup is the one that's NOT on your system. Greg Zeng I've not used Macs; only Microsoft Windows & Linux. I assume that Apple can use the Windows-NTFS-compressed partitions too? What Is Internal Backup I have a Dropbox folder to back up and synchronize my most important data.

However, in my daily encounters with non-geeky users (and some of them have PCs since many years) I still find that the majority have never given backups a thought. How To Backup Internal Hard Drive To External Hard Drive Select an option Yes I haven’t finished yet No What is your comfort level with computers? With one huge "con" - which is a fatal flaw, in my opinion. If the drive is new, it may not have any folders.

You keep stating your opinion as if it were fact-please dont be so dogmatic,as you could easily give some people, the type that WHS is talking about,the wrong information. Automatic Backup To Internal Hard Drive My iMac HD and my Drobo get backed up to Backblaze. But there are a few caveats to be aware of: 1 - Backing up your hard drive via a RAID 1 configuration isn't 100% fool-proof. Or when the computer’s primary boot drive fails, as hard drives sometimes do.

How To Backup Internal Hard Drive To External Hard Drive

Other data, docs, media, archive, mirror to Backblaze, Jottacloud and Keepit - ~ 5 TB data. An external drive is typically more electrically isolated from system; this means that certain types of PC power supply or other electrical failures that might damage an internal drive might not How To Backup To A Second Hard Drive Click "Turn On" to activate File History. Internal Backup Drive I have 100% confidence I will be fully restored in the next day or so -- waiting for Dropbox to catch-up/sync and reinstalling some programs.

Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied The overall support site? check my blog After "retiring" in 2001, Leo started Ask Leo! You keep on changing the goal posts. If you want 100% protection from loss of data, the use of an alternate off-site backup service is a must! The RAID 1 method of data backup should be used only for Corporate Data Backup Internal Or External

If your issue is not critical and you don’t want to wait, you can use our Knowledge Base for self-service or call back at a later time. Never used. This kind of vigorous, but civil, debate allows the folks reading along to hear both sides of an issue, weigh the merits of the reasoning, and decide for themselves what to this content Click on a folder to select it and then press "CTRL - C" to copy it to the computer's clipboard.

Reports: · Posted 7 years ago Top ScottW Posts: 6609 This post has been reported. @mikisu, you are free to disagree, but if you don't provide any reasons why Complete Pc Backup Internal Or External Fools and non-fools alike should have some redundancy built in and attempt to understand if your data is being backed up by any means. 6) No matter how often you tell Now, with all these parameters in mind, I make a quickie Ghost backup from C: to D: at least once a week and then about every ten days to two weeks

You can purchase additional subscriptions by signing into your Carbonite account using the computer you wish to add and clicking + New Subscription.

You're protected from hardware failure. Do you believe that a backup image that is stored externally or farther away from the primary storage disk is not the least bit safer? This seems like splitting hairs, but I will try out your definitions. Complete Pc Backup Quizlet Use of an internal hard drive for backing up the primary drive is quite safe.

However, I completely agree that the casual or novice user needs a simple and convenient backup system. It is, of course, up to the individual what steps they wish to take and I just want people to have all the information so they can make informed decisions. If the only backup is at Mom's house, you have to drive there, bring it back, and maybe install the device. have a peek at these guys There is an interesting twist to this idea, though.

Charles You can get drive imaging or cloning software that makes a perfect copy, yes. I think that it's quite clear to anyone reading along that what I have said is my opinion. This is why I think that it's not off-topic to discuss recovery of just the data from an image backup. Each computer requires its own unique subscription of Carbonite.

Time Machine would be handy to have in case of emergency. You don't need to back up all of these folders, but can if you choose to. I had an IBM Deskstar 75GXP fail catastrophically and had no data backed up. I only said "be careful" and an external backup or off-site backup is "safer".

Learn more about this here. PCWorld PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the I put my photos onto a Drobo 5D (more on that in a moment) and my photo catalog on my internal HD. Reports: · Posted 7 years ago Top mikisu Posts: 337 This post has been reported. Cloning Restoring a file or directory is one thing, but it’s something else all together when the computer stops working because an essential system directory or library has gotten corrupted, damaged,

System failure. Technically correct - internal drives are subject to whatever happens to the internal electonics and powersupply. NAS backup of key files in basement, USB drive backup key files, and finally Backblaze. Article Feedback Was this article helpful?